Thursday, April 23, 2015

I am lazy ( so i hooked up my Amazon Echo to my z-wave devices)

Amazon announced that they are now supporting the Belkin Wemo and the Phillips Hue on the Amazon Echo.  This is great unless you already invested in a bunch of z-wave devices and gateway.  If you have a Vera Z-wave home automation gatway take a look at my Amazon-Echo-HA-Bridge on github.  It emulates a Phillips Hue to allow the Amazon Echo to turn on/off my lights/fan/stuff!

Alexa: main screen turn on.


  1. Thanks for the echo-vera connection. I downloaded the code and have it working now.


  2. Thanks! I have it working with my OpenHAB implementation. I also wrote install, service and uninstall scripts if you would like them.

  3. hi im a total noob but i want to make this work. i want it to work with smartthings and vera. is there any way i can get some help.

    after downloading the links how to i implement them.
    what do i do with the source code
    do i just change the corresponding ip address and drop it into command prompt.
    or do i need to download a certain program to get this to work.

  4. This thread will answer all your questions:,31920.0.html

  5. hey could i hire you to write the amazon echo to talk to my Crestron system? I can do the crestron programming, I need custom http sent to it from the echo

  6. Hello, thanks for sharing! Did you listen to local TCP/UDP and build towards what you saw? If so, what tools did you use to listen? Thank you!