Saturday, September 23, 2017

I am lazy (so i built a Homelink to my zwave gateway)

everything shoved into receiver case.  and i mean SHOVED in

pi, step down voltage regulator, receiver

MultiCode garage door receiver (300mhz)
MultiCode garage door remote (to program the car)
Obligatory rpi 3
step down voltage regulator (receiver is 12v, step down to 5v)
Homelink enabled car
10 lines of dirty node js

not having to pull out my phone to turn on/of my home alarm?


Friday, July 8, 2016

I am lazy (so i built a raspberry pi fireworks launcher) pi-erwerx

For the 4th of July i was inspired to build hack a raspberry pi fireworks firing system.  I quickly hacked together a node.js websocket+pi-gpio+webpage to run on the pi and quickly wired up a relay board and batteries. Check out the video down at the bottom for the first test fire!
Pi3 and 8 channel relay board switching 9v.
home made one time use starters made of electrical tape, really thin gauge wire, cannon fuse, and gunpowder

wiring up 8 channels 

butt pic

Not having to light fireworks upclose?  Priceless

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I am lazy ( so i hooked up my Amazon Echo to my z-wave devices)

Amazon announced that they are now supporting the Belkin Wemo and the Phillips Hue on the Amazon Echo.  This is great unless you already invested in a bunch of z-wave devices and gateway.  If you have a Vera Z-wave home automation gatway take a look at my Amazon-Echo-HA-Bridge on github.  It emulates a Phillips Hue to allow the Amazon Echo to turn on/off my lights/fan/stuff!

Alexa: main screen turn on.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I am lazy (so i built a RC mower)

  1. Arduino ~20USD
  2. Sabertooth 2x25A driver ~125USD
  3. Specktrum DX5 60USD
  4. Craigslist electric motor ~20USD
  5. Used invacare wheelchair ~300USD

Not having to be outside in the Texas heat? Priceless